Diy Website – How To WordPress For a Website Instead of Blog

This wordpress course shows you how to adjust your wordpress settings to have a webiste design instead of a blog design layout. You can watch how to upload a them via ftp and a great way to start designing your diy webiste by making placeholders with your pages. A great way to familarize yourself with the interface and start to customize your very own website.

How to use Google Analytics for wordpress

Great wordpress tutorial that shows you how to use wordpress to install google analytics. Once you install the plug-in this video shows you how to paste the google code into your wordpress pages. Dont’ miss this step when your learning wordpress!

Learning WordPress Basics

In 7 min wordpress tutorial learn how to edit or remove your links and make a post to your own diy wordpress website. Learn wordpress basics to get started with a wordpress course and familiarize yours self with how a layout works in wordpress theme. Check out sidebar, navigation, and links and also put a hypertext link in your post.

Learn WordPress – Diy WordPress Comes Live Within Minutes

Learn the magic of wordpress, find out how to go diy wordpress with your very own domain name and feel the excitement rise when you can make your website come alive with a wordpress tutorial that shows you how to add images. A wordpress course is an excellent way to learn wordpress but here is a taste of what you can easily do yoursefl in wordpress

DIY Website Builder at BigWorld

Diy website builder at bigworld hosting company seems like an interesting option for diy websites. It is so easy to use with it’s drag and drop functions it makes designing a pleasure but there may be other important factors to consider. You may need to know html in order to do an keyword optimization. This is fine for designers who are code savy. Otherwise a great tool for diy websites

Blue Host – Top 10 Hosting for DIY Website

Want a sneak peak into the blue host cpanel? You can have a look at how to install joomla or wordpress via fantastico in the blue host cpanel. This is a live demo of what to do after you have created you blue host account and domain name. This demo make blue host very enticing as a hosting company because of all the free google adwords and yahoo vouchers.

DIY Website WordPress

Debbies pet shop and diy website solutions show us all how and why business owner are now opting for a wordpress course as the best diy website. It is attractive to small business owners because you end up with a site that you are able to manage and control yourself without paying expensive fees to update or add content.

How to build a website with LifeYo

Learn how to build a website without any coding and using drag and drop methods by using Lifeyo a website builder for busy people. See how Gerry a busy restaurant owner can update his menus and Ben a almost famous musician updates his website regularly with important photo moments and shares his latest music industry update

DIY Website, for Beginners – Part 1

DIY Website Magic. This video walks you through a worpess installation. Wordpress the best diy website tool ever. Find out how to create website within your hosting account within just minutes. If you don[t have a hosting account then here is a coupon for 25% discount at HostGator hosting company..

DIY Website – Add video

DIY website tutorial that shows you how easy it is to put a you tube video you your very own wordpress website for you visitors to watch. It is a simply copy and paste methods and you can even see how to choose the size and color scheme and how to have no advertising on your video. It shows you how to put the video directly on to your content page. Very exciting…

DIY Website Overcoming Frustration

Overcoming frustration can be a trick most of the time. When your feeling technically challenged you need patience, some technical help and the mindset to look at the way to solve the problem. Here is a quick look at what helped me along the way and showed me how to be a little patient along the way.

DIY Website Why WordPress?

Why wordpress is essentially one of the best DIY website resources and how to set the settings to make it look like an ordinary static website instead of a blog. A valuable system that can help you manage a website that has a lot of pages with a lot of content.

DIY Website Dreamweaver

DIY website going Dreamweaver. Here is a real live example of what happens once you have made your website image in Photoshop. Do it yourself website enthusiasts always like to see inside the famous program Dreamweaver but it is not always necessary to make your own website. Whilst Dreamweaver is re noun for creating great code for websites it can be a steep learning curve for DIY Websters.

DIY Website The 5 Minute Way

DIY website in about 5 minutes seems a bit unrealistic, nevertheless this website builder at godaddy is a reasonable price and will have your website work done very quickly. This online website builder looks quite easy to use, however to be realistic i think it will take a little longer than 5 min to have your diy website finished especially if you want to upload your own logo’s and images. Worthwhile considering if you don’t want to learn any diy website making skills

#1 Best Way To Set Up Website Hosting

A very exciting video tutorial to walk you through website set up for wordpress. Kyle take you through the process of setting your domain name to connect with your hosting account. The best way to save money on hosting and domain names is to have the know how to have your domain and hosting with different companies. Worthwhile knowing how to do especially if you want to have more than 1 website or wordpress blog because it will save you money.

Easisites online website builder

If you want DIY Website builder online comparisons then take a peak at this video. You have to remember a user interface like this won’t leave a load of junky code on your website from using templates..that is hopefully. This looks like it will give you a website for you business that will do the job and even be secure for you e commerce needs. They are based in the uk and will customize your web design
with your own corporate colors or logos or even design your site for extra fees.

WordPress Advanced – Link Header to home page

Wordpress advanced make changes to your wordpress files to link your banner image to you home page.People can intuitively click on your banner expecting to go to the home page. See a step by step video to change your code for a home page link from your image. I remember my first analytics report kept showing so many people clicking on my banner and I had no idea why. See how to do this advanced wordpress trick