If you want to build your own website but you don’t know anything about it then you have come to the right place.

A diy website for business owners or anyone who would like to have a website they can update regularly or make changes

not html or coding knowledge required!
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Puts Money In Your Pocket

It’s for people who want to Put Money in Their Pocket with web diy and say goodbye to  hefty  designers and developer fees.

It is not necessary or time effective to pay developers to write code for a website builder these days, especially for small business or community groups. It can often leave you as a website owner not  knowing how to make a simple change on your web site.

DIY Website Secrets is for people or communities who need to change their website information or details when they want .

Example: You have organized a meeting and the date was incorrect but you can’t get you web guy to change the information so everyone is turning up on the wrong day! That won’t happen again because you or your staff will be able to make the changes yourself.

But most importantly this website is for people who want to go online web diy style so they can full control of their own website by making a website of their own. It focuses on wordpress courses , website builders , top 10 hosting companies, the features of website makers, how to build a website and Web Design Tutorial Video. The aim is provide advice and guide you through the process.

I spoke to a lot of business owners and individuals who had websites built by a professional developer and it was always the same story. Unbelievably they started their website with a small fee and then every time they wanted to make their website better in some way they paid the developer more.

One website company I was about to do some work for with SEO search engine optimization had paid a local company $10,000and still had nowhere near what they wanted from their site. Now I am not going to blame the developers here but I can see what is going on. What tends to happen is that businesses needs change over a period of time and so do people’s tastes. That’s why having a flexible format to build your website on that won’t take all the time in the world to learn will have you in control being able to set your website as you want and change it when you like and avoid those expensive fees.

Well technology has changed considerably in the last few years and now you can easily design your own website using a number of content management systems that make web design easy. You can even build a free website with website makers or host your own website on wordpress to find out the difference see….website makers

This page will be updated shortly with details on how you can find out more about the diy website secrets mentor program.

You will have an opportunity to access a program of step-by-step video’s to build your very own website and make your own frequent updates to your very own website any time you like!

DIY Website Tools I Recommend:

Google Keyword Tool

This online keyword research tool is completely free to use. There is no software download required and it can be used any time.

Ftp software

This is an add on for Mozilla internet explorer browser.  It allows you to transfer files to your websites without having to go to your hosting account. When you understand how to use this tool you will know why it is so handy to have right in your browser for any quick checks or tasks you many which to make. It won’t really be necessary if you use a website builder or maker.